Pineapple Hosting LLC 


Glad you asked! You work as an independant contractor and are solely commision based. In simple terms, you get paid only for the sales you make and you work on your own time wherever whenever. 

Currently our open positons are:

Sales Team: Creating sales for PJL Telecom via Cold Calling, Going door to door, and other methods.

Social Media Team: Create stunning graphics that are posted to our social media outlets. 

Pineapple Hosting LLC is the holder of PJL Telecom. We actively work to provide the best low cost option for small to medium sized businesses on their phone needs. These services are provided via VoIP (Voice over internet). 

Yes. We ask for the bare minium to keep you active which is 1 sale/mo. Sounds simple right? For every sale you get you will get recurring commision on that (if monthly). Commision is based on the sale amount which will be discussed if hired. 

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